Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Harvest Season

An immature Bald Eagle is perched on the first Osprey nest, the one on the first point going into the cove.  I don't think that the nest was used this year.  Osprey are on the decline in this location although they are doing well in general. A windstorm trashed the nests a few years ago and all the attempts to rebuild have been rather half-ass.  My guess is that a combination of events are causing this. First, of course, the storm damage which killed off a whole year of Osprey chicks.  But other things are in play as well, such as normal Osprey mortality.  The adults reuse the same nest each year while going their separate ways when they migrate south.  If one dies, there is a better than even chance that the survivor won't mate and return to the same nest (if they ever return to the same nest). But that is just a guess. Anyway, there are no Osprey in the area today.