Saturday, February 7, 2009

Swan Stuff

I walked the canoe down to Denny-Blaine on the main lake today and paddled north to Union Bay. It was in the 40's , gray, with a light wind out of the north. When I reached Union Bay, the sun was beginning to burn the cloud cover off. I headed straight to the north end of the bay, stopping briefly to chew out an idiot that was standing up in a rental canoe, messin' with a navigation buoy, without a life jacket. I use the term, "idiot", correctly as in 40 degree water, 200 yards from shore, swimming is not a good idea.
Skirting the the shore, I surprised myself as I came around a dock, finding an eagle on a low stub of a pier. In the photo is the eagle and a bunch of crows on the "lunch counter perch". Picked up some junk and continued cruising eventually running into my bird watcher friend, C, who started telling me about the dead swan. It had been picked up by the Trumpeter Swan Society, of which I had known nothing about or I would have contacted them when I first found the bird. (So, now I'll contact them - I have a lot of photos). C also filled me in on Bitterns, so I'll be watching for them. It was a good day.

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